Lassen National Park

It's called Lassen National Park. A smaller National Park with barely 50 thousand projected visitors this year, while Yosemite is projected to hit more than 4 million. With the likes of Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, it's difficult to really stand out. And for Lassen it isn't for lack of trying, it literally blew it's top off.

The Lassen Peak trail starts above 8,000ft and is only 2.5 miles one way. But it climbs 2,000 ft within those 2.5 miles. The peak itself sits atop 10,400 ft at which point you can feel the thin air. The peak trail is now reopened just in time for the 100 year anniversary of the explosion in 1915.

The summit trail itself has been closed for the past six years.  I has been almost that exact amount of time since a two-foot wall on the trail gave way to a rockslide and killed 9 year old Tommy Botell. Since then the trail has gone through an intense reconstruction, making sure it is stable and safe for visitors.  

Lassen National Park is a definite visit even amongst the plethora of natural beauties within California. More untouched than the likes of Yosemite or Kings Canyon you are able to experience the likes of these beautiful extinct volcanic giants. There are still miles of devastation since lava wreaked havoc upon the land some 100 years ago. And the scars are still there to prove it.