Wesley Wu - Aspiring Lifestyle Photographer

Work in advertising, Love of photography. I thoroughly enjoy chaos and awkward moments 


Why Expectation & Hope?

Expectations can greatly affect the way we perceive the world.

Say you are entering a room you think is a honeymoon suite. As you walk in you realize it's cold, damp, small, and far from what you expected. The emotions of disappointment are inevitable. Instead, imagine walking into the very same room knowing it is a jail cell. You aren't filled with disappointment as the room has actually met your expectations. This same room has now invoked two very different emotions and feelings.

Hope has a few similarities to expectation. And when looking at the room with hope, you desire to replace the flooring, remove the locks and the bars in the windows. What is cold is now changed into something warm. Hope does see the room for what it currently is, but it works laboriously to help it improve so that it can fulfill its potential of being a honeymoon suite. 

Hope uplifts and enables us to see a reality that transcends our expectations.


Why Photography?

 It is more than taking snapshots of moments, photography has the ability to capture life and emotions. I love the experience of capturing memories filled with family and friends. The art is recreating those memories within images without subtracting from the memory itself.

Photography can help change the way that we see the world. I want my love for photography to accomplish more than that but to actually change the community around us. 50% of all proceeds will go towards two incredible programs in San Francisco giving back to the community. City Impact is geared towards reaching the spiritual and physical needs of the inner-city. Because Justice Matters is an organization that reaches women who are victims of sexual exploitation and domestic violence and offers support.


enjoy, create and inspire

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50% of all dollars go directly to the following organizations below.

Because Justice Matters or San Francisco City Impact